(First of the) 12 Bags of Cranberries: David Lebovitz’s cranberry sorbet

I bought 12 bags of cranberries at the supermarket on Sunday.  They were priced to sell at 50 cents per bag!

Just after mixing in the food processor. I love the vivid shade of red--no artificial colors needed here!

Cranberry Sorbet, a recipe I happened upon while browsing David Lebovitz’s site.  So easy to whip this up!  Subs: only had 1 orange lying around, so I had to squeeze a couple clementines for juice, too.  I grated the zest off my orange with a box cheese grater, just for the heck of it.  Just to see what it would be like.  Meh – I’ll stick with my Microplane grater.  Zest is wrapped tightly in wax paper in the freezer.   I’ll use it sometime before Saturday in a batch of cranberry orange biscotti I intend to give my mom.

Otherwise followed the recipe to the T, including the tablespoon of Grand Marnier.  My intent is to use the sorbet for champagne cocktails, some kind of vodka cocktail, a/o a cran-raspberry La Croix poured in an old fashioned glass.  Mmm-mmmm!

Sidenote: Last year I bought a bunch of cranberries as well, but I mostly used them in AB’s Old School Muffins, a recipe hard to find online, but happens to be outlined here: http://foodsilike.wordpress.com/2010/03/31/70-alton-browns-chocolate-chip-old-school-muffins/.   I referenced the physical I’m Just Here For More Food cookbook, and the bits and pieces I chose were walnuts and cranberries with a few spoonfuls of flax seeds.


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